Terms of use (AGB)

§ 1 Scope of validity

(1) The below Terms of use are a part of every contract between Platin Genesis, Unit No 1004-44, Swiss Tower, Plot No LLT-PH2-Y3A, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE, business domicile in said place, E-Mail-address support@platin-genesis.com (hereinafter: SELLER) and the customer.

(2) The SELLER offers goods via its online shop (e.g. hardware – as soon as available) for shipment to the delivery address specified by the customer or for digital goods available via data download such as e. g. software, eBooks, video files, audio files and similar electronic training materials (hereinafter Online goods) for sale, and the customer can use the services (e.g. use of available server capacities) against payment. The SELLER provides its services exclusively based on this Purchase - Terms of use (AGB), which can be read on this website at any time and are sent to the customer via E- mail when the contract is concluded.

(3) In case of complaints, you can contact compliance@platin-genesis.com.

§ 2 Conclusion of contract

(1) The presentation of goods and services, particularly on the Internet, cannot be considered as a binding offer of the SELLER.

(2) The customer can choose anything from the offer and place the goods or services selected by him in the shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart symbol. The customer can empty the cart at any point of time by changing the quantity or ending the order process by closing the browser window. The changes can be made by using mouse and keyboard. By clicking on the button “"PROCEED TO CHECKOUT " the customer is taken to the page, where he can register himself as customer, insofar as he does not have any access data or can log in as existing customer. A user name together with password and contact data is entered for this purpose. After successful registration and -if required- confirmation of the delivery address, the customer can select the shipping method and then receives information about mode of payment. By clicking on the button “NEXT”, the customer is taken to the page on which he sees the overview of the order after confirmation of the Purchase - Terms of use (AGB) and the information on the right of cancellation. If the customer wants to make changes to the order in this step, he can return to the shopping basket by clicking on the link “Cancel check-out and back to the shopping basket”. If you don’t want to make any more change in the order, you can conclude the order process by clicking the button “ORDER PAYABLE” and a binding order can be placed. The receipt of the order is displayed to the customer immediately after concluding the order process. The SELLER saves the customer order and the entered order data as per the data protection declaration (see § 3). Apart from this, the customer also receives a mail with the order data.

(3) The receipt of the order is sent to the customer by e-mail. This order confirmation simultaneously represents the acceptance of the purchase contract by the SELLER.

§ 3 Data protection declaration

The SELLER collects and uses the data communicated voluntarily by you only in the framework of legal provisions. You will find the detailed provisions for data protection in our Data protection provisions.

§ 4 Delivery of goods / Provision for Download

(1) The goods are handed over to the customer via delivery to the delivery address specified by the customer. Any shipping charges are displayed to the customer on the order page before concluding the order. The customer must bear the additional taxes and customs duties for overseas deliveries. The SELLER will basically adhere to the delivery dates mentioned on the website, insofar as its own supply occurs within the given time. The SELLER is entitled to make partial deliveries. The additional costs required for this are not charged to the customers.

(2) Online goods and offered services are provided after the acquisition of the right of use in the customer section.

(3) The option of renewed downloading of online goods represents a voluntary service of the SELLER, who can terminate it at any point of time. The SELLER therefore reserves the right to change, interrupt or stop the option of renewed data download temporarily or permanently at any time, and/ or to delete individual online goods from the customer account of the customer. This is particularly applicable if there is an important reason for deleting the online goods from the customer account, particularly in case of disputes about possible violation of rights by the contents of the online goods. The option of deletion is not applicable for online goods, which already lie on the storage medium of the customer e.g. on his PC, laptop etc., after the customer has downloaded them.

§ 5 Countries of delivery / shipment costs (applicable only for hardware and other physical goods)

The SELLER delivers in following countries with the following shipment costs.

§ 6 Payment conditions

(1) The following payment options are offered to the customer: payment by credit card (currently only MasterCard and Visa), ADV-Cash, Payee, instant transfer and Bitcoin-payment.

(2) PLC Group AG doo, Letasliska cesta 33E, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, is the managing entity oft he group. All payments are managed by this entity. The cardholders enter into a contractual relationship with this company when paying with their credit card.

(3) All prices are total prices including the statutory VAT, but excluding shipping costs.

§ 7 Right of retention of deliverable goods / Terms of use for the use of online goods and services

(1) Deliverable goods remain in the property of the SELLER till the complete payment is made.

(2) While using online goods, the customer does not obtain any transfer of ownership. Instead of this, the customer obtains a simple, non-transferrable right that can be revoked before complete payment of license fees for the personal use of the concrete online goods. The content or design of the online goods may neither be changed nor edited by the customer unless mandatorily regulated otherwise by legal provisions, and the customer does not have the right to grant the sublicenses to the online goods to third parties, or make the goods publicly accessible or otherwise use the online goods for commercial purpose.

On the contrary, the customer can copy the online goods (only) for personal use (creation of private copy) or facilitate the copying via third party for this purpose, insofar as the third party creates the copy free of cost. A transfer of the online goods to the third party (this is also applicable for transfer to a family member, relative or acquaintance) is only temporarily allowed for the purpose of the production of such a private copy.

(3) With respect to the use of services, the customer does not obtain any transfer of ownership, instead he is only authorised to use the concrete service as per the contract for the period of acquisition of the user license.

§ 8 Liability for defects / Liability limitation

(1) The customer is entitled to a statutory defect liability right. With respect to defect liability, legal provisions are applicable, unless indicated otherwise from the following liability limitations for damage compensation.

(2) The SELLER shall be liable only for damages -with the exception of damage to life, limb and health, and violation of significant contractual obligations (Transfer and assignment of goods) – which can be traced back to an intentional or grossly negligent conduct. This is also applicable for indirect consequential damages such as a loss of profit, in particular.

(3) The liability is – except in case of intentional or grossly negligent conduct or in case of damages to life, limb and health, and violation of significant contractual obligations (transfer and assignment of goods) – limited to the amount of damages that are foreseeable and typical to the contract, at the time of conclusion of the contract. This is also applicable for indirect consequential damages such as a loss of profit, in particular.

(4) The limitation of liability of Paras 1 and 2 is also applicable in favor of vicarious agents of the SELLER.

(5) The liability based on the product liability law remains unaffected.

§ 9 Final provisions

(1) The law of the domicile of Platin Genesis applies, excluding the UN sales law.

Compulsory provisions of the state in which the distributor has his habitual residence remain unaffected.

(2) The place of jurisdiction and the place of performance is the seat of Platin Genesis, as long as this requirement does not conflict with mandatory law.

Status of Terms of use (AGB): 01 Mai 2018